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The Qigong School, London, UK - Sifu Bee Loh

Students Personal Experience of Qigong

In order to put across the benefits of Qigong, the experiences and details submitted by the students were given voluntarily. They are presented to you as they themselves explained.

Photographs taken during classes at the Qigong School.

The Qigong School Students perform Taiji Start

Taiji Start
Balances blood pressure
Strengthens the heart
Eases arthritic conditions

When I arrived at the session I felt very stressed, trying to organise child-care etc, also bad traffic, after the hour I felt very calm, clear - as if a cloud had been lifted from my head. The movements are gentle and flowing which suits me perfectly, due to a history of back problems. It is also very suitable for nurses due to the way it eases stress levels. I came away feeling rejuvinated and free of joint pain which is usually a problem with high impact aerobics classes. I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong for two weeks now, the best place to do it is in the park - you really feel at one with nature. I now look forward to the days session, all you need is a pair of trainers & tracksuit, the fresh air - and it's free! What more could you ask?!

Elmeda Lyons - Staff Nurse
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Taiji Qigong exercises. I am looking forward to learning the 18 movements. I found the exercises gentle and exhilarating - and the meditation calming.

Kay Chong - Night Sister
The Qigong School Students perform Rainbow Dance

Rainbow Dance
Balances blood pressure
Strengthens the digestive system
Helps relieve stomach aches

The Qigong School Students perform Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands
Relieves gastric ulcers
Relieves indigestion
Relieves rheumatic athritis

My inspiration to do Qigong started when one day I watched Sifu Bee performing the beautiful and graceful qigong movements. The fexibility of the body movements encouraged me to take up these exercises which I felt I clearly needed to keep myself supple and balance. As working in a busy and stressful envirnoment most of the time, I found qigong has also helped me to overcome stress and anxiety. I enjoy assisting Sifu teaching the juniors and also it is a pleasure to see students progress and has benefited from these exercises.

Malar Somasundram - Nursing Sister.
I find that since starting Qigong the pain from a neck injury that I suffer from is markedly reduced. I try to practice for 20 minutes each evening and then meditate for 10 minutes. This has helped me to get to sleep far quicker as I feel far more relaxed, my muscles feel more relaxed and my neck pain is less. It also helps me stop thinking about the days work problems. Generally I feel more relaxed, have less neck pain and feel as though I have more energy.

Sara Adams - Senior Radiographer
The Qigong School Students perform Looking at the Moon

Looking at the Moon
Weight loss
Stomach ache
Spinal problems and backache

The Qigong School Students perform Dove Spreads Its Wings

Dove Spreads Its Wings
Liver and stomach disorders
Breathing problems

I have attended only one session so far. I feel very positive that I will benefit long term. Having a very stressful job, I find it difficult 'switching off' at the end of the day, I also wake up in the early hours, worrying about the next day. Sifu is extremely dedicated and an inspiration to all.

Hilary Wright - Hospital Bed Manager
I began Taiji Qigong as an alternative to taking painkillers for back pain relating to scoliosis. I was initially sceptical but was prepared to try anything to reduce the pain. I have been amazed at the outcome, the pain has been greatly reduced, my body movement and flexibility has improved and I feel more relaxed. As a Radiographer my days can often be stressful but just 30 minutes of Taiji Qigong makes me feel rejuvenated.

Ceri Rance - Senior Radiographer
The Qigong School Students perform Rolling Arms

Goose Flying
Good for depression
Stress and shoulders
Strengthens the legs and kidneys
Low blood pressure
Respiratory function

The Qigong School Students perform Opening the Chest

Pushing Wave
Good for the lungs and stomach
High blood pressure
Knee problems
I was advised by an Agur Vedic practitioner to take up Tai Chi. About 6 weeks later I visited the local library and looked carefully at the alternatives. I was particularly attracted to the statement that Qigong is the centre of Tai Chi, meditation is the centre of Qigong, and unity ( union with the Absolute ) is the centre of meditation.

The Qigong classes have been excellent and I try not to miss them. At first, just to learn one new exercise each week seemed rather slow but it was accepted as a discipline for the practice of Qigong. Sifu is very careful to correct mistakes, to encourage meditation, to keep all students happy. She has a wealth of experience and always endeavours to deepen our practice - to connect through the senses and to breathe attentively. Malar is her faithful assistant.

I should add that my attention to work is much improved and general health and fitness is better!

David Waters - Accountant

In September 2003 I was about to resign myself to the fact that my 7 year old shoulder problem would remain with me forever. A good game of tennis, swimming butterfly or even doing simple push-ups would have to be on the top shelf. I had gone through the lot - physiotherapy, holistic needle therapy, a shoulder consultant, two courses of cortisone, to name a few. They all treated the symptons at best and nothing appeared to have a lasting effect.

A friend suggested considering an Eastern alternative such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong. I had never heard of Qigong so promptly did some research. I liked the philosophy and it wasn't long before I stumbled across Sifu Bee Loh's classes in Chiswick. No miracle cures were promised just honest hard work, dedication, respect for the art, perseverance and above all, allowing things to take place naturally.

I can't remember when my shoulder healed but it must have been around 12 months after starting. I soon found myself focusing less on my shoulder and more of my enjoyment of the art. After all, one of the primary purposes of Qigong is to improve ones overall health. Talking or reading about Qigong is no substitute for practicing or experiencing it. I find I have more energy, balanced with greater physical and mental stamina. Standing like a tree for 5 minutes, let alone 20, would have been unheard of a couple of years ago.

I now have a beautiful 9 month old daughter and whilst I don't have as much time as before, Qigong is part of what I do. Someone once told me that even 5 minutes a day is better than no minutes.

Andreas Hadjiandreou - I.T Manager
The Qigong School Students perform Lifting the ball

Lifting the ball
Blood presure
Shoulder ache

The Qigong School Students perform Sitting Meditation ( Yin )

Child Worships The Buddha
Good for cold hands
Poor circulation
Heart and lungs

The Qigong School Students Lifting the ball

Small Circle Position (Zhan Zhong)
Good for relaxing and storing Qi
Kidneys & Urinary bladder problems
Strengthens the legs and bones

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