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The Qigong School, London, UK - Sifu Bee Loh

Nursing Standard, November 1999

In November 1999, I conducted a Qigong Workshop for the nurses and staff in the London Clinic - featured in this article from the Nursing Standard during the same month.

Releasing inner energy through the self-healing art of Qigong

Sifu Bee Loh - Qigong Observer Article 1991

In Chinese, Qi is the energy that circulates around the body, and gong means 'work'. Qigong (pronounced chi-gong) translates as breathing exercise or 'energy skill'. It is a form of self-healing consisting of movement and meditation. I have studied and practiced Qigong for seven years and I am now a certified Qigong and Martial Art instructor.

Qigong enables me to cope with daily life with more stamina and energy. I feel alert and more relaxed. It enables me to cope better with pressure at work, and increases my energy levels.

Recently I decided to share my knowledge and skills with other people by offering workshops. Qigong plays an active role in preventing and treating diseases, protecting and strengthening health, resisting premature senility and prolonging life. This is why in ancient times Qigong was called the method 'to eliminate diseases and prolong life'.

The daily practice of Qigong exercises and meditation build up Qi and keeps the body in balance. The movement stimulates acupuncture points making the energy in the body flow to release negative Qi, while at the same time gathering and storing positive Qi. Qigong exercises are also an excellent way of keeping fit and improving health overall. It is suitable for all, young, old, weak or strong. Everyone can benefit and it has been described as a process of 'self rejuvination'.

I have received positive feedback from staff who have found Qigong movements subtle and soothing, and the meditation calming. Staff with neck and back problems, insomnia and athritis have already felt the benefits of Qigong. Their pain and discomfort has reduced and their body posture, movement and flexibility have improved. They fell more relaxed, energetic and are more able to sleep.

I hope that the workshops will bring people together to pursue a common interest, and to promote good health for all.

Please click here to see pictures from the event

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