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The Qigong School, London, UK - Sifu Bee Loh

Sifu Bee Loh & The Qigong School

Through Wing Chun Kung Fu training, I discovered the "Art of Qigong".

Qi is the Chinese word for "life energy" that flows through all living things, and Gong means "work" or benefits acquired through perseverance and practice. Qigong ( pronounced Chi-Gong ) means literally "working with the energy of life", is an integrated mind-body healing method that has been practiced with remarkable results in China for thousands of years. It is a holistic system of self-healing exercise or art form consisting of movement and meditation.

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Rolling Arms

In the early 1990's Sifu ( Teacher ) talked about a new system of healing, which he planned to teach in addition to Wing Chun Kung Fu. The subject was completely alien to me, but nevertheless, I was encouraged by Sifu to train in Qigong to improve my health.

I suffered from migraines, sinusitis, a left knee problem from a previous injury, and during the initial period of practicing Qigong, I went through a difficult phase in that I became more ill with migraines, my sinusitis worsened and my left knee became inflamed, which made it painful to walk.

However, I knew that the energy was trying to penetrate through the blockages, so that the illness had to become worse before it got better, and that's exactly what happened.

Qigong plays an active role in preventing and treating diseases, protecting and strengthening health, preventing premature senility and prolonging life. This is why in ancient times Qigong was called the method to "Eliminate diseases and prolong life".

The daily practice of Qigong exercises and meditation builds up Qi and keeps the body in balance. The movements stimulate acupuncture points making the energy in the body flow to release negative Qi, while at the same time gathering and storing positive Qi.

Within 18 months of practicing Qigong, I felt great improvement in my health and well being. I can enjoy all sorts of food and drink without restrictions, and one of the results of Qigong practice that fascinated me was that at times I could, and still do, see the aura of trees and humans.

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Rainbow Dance

I then realised that the effectiveness of Qigong is something which one can neither describe or discuss unless one actually experiences it oneself by practicing. In the beginning patience and discipline is needed during practice.

I know that by practicing. Qigong everyday, it continues to help me to improve my health by enabling me to cope better with daily life by having more stamina and energy. It makes me feel more alert and relaxed. It also enables me to cope better with pressure at work, and helps me get through various difficulties by increasing my energy level. Therefore, Qigong is the traditional physical and psychological antidote to the difficulties of daily life

Qigong exercises are an excellent way of keeping fit and improving health overall, as each one of us can learn to enhance our vitality by cleansing, releasing, gathering and circulating Qi, so that it reaches all the body cells. It is suitable for young, old, weak or strong. Everyone can benefit, and it has been described as a process of "self rejuvenation".

In November 1991, I participated in the final series of the "A-Z of Chinese Medicine" which was featured in the Observer magazine. They were looking at the technique of Qigong, a system of meditational exercises used to teach physical and spiritual harmony. Later that year, Combat Magazine published my case study in Qigong.

In early 1992, I left The Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy to continue my journey for further research into the Qigong training.

In late 1994, I enrolled myself at The Qigong Centre, whilst simultaneously keeping in touch with my Wing Chun training.

In 1997, I was Qigong Assistant Instructor, based in London, under the Qigong Centre.

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Pointing to Middle of China

In November 1999, I conducted a Qigong workshop for nurses in the London Clinic for 3 months. I received positive feedback from staff who found Qigong movements subtle and soothing, and the meditation calming. Staff with neck and back problems, insomnia and arthritis, felt the benefits of Qigong. Their pain and discomfort were reduced and their body posture, movement and flexibility improved. They felt more relaxed, energetic, and able to sleep.

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Dove Spreads it's Wings

Following that, the editor of the Nursing Standard approached me to participate in writing an article called "Making Time Campaign". This aimed to help nurses achieve a healthy balance between life and work. To my surprise, I had won the award for writing the article and it was featured in the Nursing Standard magazine in November 1999.

In March 2000, I opened my first school in Chiswick, West London, under The Qigong Centre, hoping to pass on my knowledge and skills in both Qigong and Wing Chun. Later that year in November, during a National Stress Awareness Day I was invited back to conduct another workshop for nurses and office staff at the London Clinic. I felt very honoured that my name appeared in the News column of the "Nursing Standard".

April 2005 was a turning point for the Chiswick School, as we left The Qigong Centre and amalgamated with The Wing Chun School.

In October 2005 The Qigong School was established and I decided to restart my journey again. This time my quest is working towards perfection by looking into learning a much deeper levels of Qigong studies. Therefore by enhancing my knowledge and mastering all the necessary skills, it will also benefit the students I teach.

In October 2008, I traveled to Hong Kong and China with a group of my students organised by The Wing Chun School to meet reputable and respectable Wing Chun Grandmasters. Whilst I was out there, my early morning activity took place in Kowloon Park, where the park were pulsating with movement and people, some on their own, some loosely organised groups and some in tightly regimented groups. Gradually I got to know the locals and I was invited to join them in their morning practice of Tai Chi Chuan. I end my training by practicing standing meditation "Holding the Qi in the Dantien" where a lady was very happy to join me. I was so fortunate to have met Sifu Ye Zi Zhu who is a Public Relations Director of the Foshan Martial Arts Association. Together we were able to exchange our Qigong knowledge and skills.

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Sifu Bee with the locals practicing Tai Chi Chuan

Life is a journey filled with opportunities to learn and meet people. In 2009, I was invited to attend Dr Bingkun Hu's Qigong workshop. When I met him, I was greatly inspired by his kind, pleasant and humble personality. I am very privileged to able to learn under the tutelage of Dr Bingkun Hu, a Medical Qigong Master and Qigong Therapist and a Disciple of the Legendary Grandmaster Yang Mei-Jun (27th lineage holder of the Wild Goose System).

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Sifu Bee & her Sifu Dr Bingku Hu on receiving her 'Bone Marrow Washing' Qigong certificate

My aspiration as a Qigong practitioner is to try to help as many people as possible on their journey to becoming healthy, full of vitality, in attaining longevity and tranquility by teaching these self-healing exercises or art forms. Also to support my teacher Dr Bingkun Hu to promote the "Wild Goose System" as it was the greatest wish of his beloved Master, the Legendary Grandmaster Yang Mei-Jun that the "Wild Goose System" be passed on to give it's benefits to the world!!!   According to Dr Bingkun Hu the "Wild Goose Qigong" is a complete healing system. It is one of the most widely practiced styles of Qigong in China today. It is well known for it's lovely and graceful movements that suggest an innocent and carefree Wild Goose. The "Wild Goose Qigong" is safe and powerful way to make your body stronger, mind sharper and mood happier. The movements and posture naturally open the twelve meridians and induce micro-cosmic orbit to circulate within the governing and conception vessels. For further interest regarding the "Wild Goose System", it can be found here -

Sifu Bee Loh - The Qigong School, Chiswick, London UK

Dr Bingku Hu & his Sifu Madame Yang Mei-Jun

Lastly, the Chinese have sayings that "Good health is the root of happiness" and "Practice makes perfect"!!!

Sifu Bee Loh is a certificated Instructor by the UK Medical Qigong Centre, and also a Registered First Aider

Please contact Sifu Bee for more information on 07759 - 875 293

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